Private Speech/Language Services

The Children's SPOT, The SPOT for Speech and Occupational Therapy

The Children’s SPOT provides speech and occupational therapy services on site at Glenwood Academy. Our speech and occupational therapists have experience working with children with a variety of needs including those with attention deficit disorder, auditory processing disorder, learning disabilities, sensory processing disorder and autism spectrum disorder. At Glenwood Academy, services are delivered inside or outside the classroom or a combination of both depending on the student's needs. Direct services as well as consult services are offered. We work with the teachers and administration to create a schedule within their school day that is most appropriate for the child.

Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy services benefit children who have sensory dysfunction, gross and fine motor delays, handwriting deficits, executive functioning deficits and visual/perceptual deficits. Through an assessment or evaluation our occupational therapist will develop an individualized treatment plan that promotes access, participation and overall success in their school setting.


Speech Therapy

Speech therapy services benefit children with articulation delays, phonological disorder, auditory processing disorders, language delays, and social skills difficulties. Our therapists develop and address goals and objective through an individual treatment plan. Depending on the child’s needs they may work on language foundation skills which may be scattered or splintered in children with learning challenges, speech and articulation skills to help students convey their message and communicate their ideas intelligibly and social skills to help them understand and meet social expectations inside and outside the classroom.  

Services provided by The Children's SPOT, are not included in Glenwood Academy tuition.  We accept Tricare insurance only for speech and occupational services, for all other insurance companies we are considered out of network providers. Invoices are emailed monthly and may be submitted to your insurance company for reimbursement depending on your individual insurance plan. Contracts are sent out prior to the beginning of the academic year.  As of 8/1/2019 speech and occupational therapy services will be billed under the company name: The SPOT for Speech and Occupational Therapy Inc.

Please contact Nicole Orellana MS, CCC-SLP for further information

877 776 8502 ext 1